Winnebago County Sheriff


Applicant print cards can be done Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm provided staff is available. To ensure staff availability, please make an appointment by calling the Jail at 641-585-3632. Cost of applicant fingerprinting is $10.00 per person.
Please Note: We do not always have control over jail intake operations so you may be asked to wait so we can deal with inmates.

Property Drop-Off

Personal property that an inmate can receive while in jail is very limited. In order to drop off proerty at the jail, you will need to complete and submit a Property Drop-Off Form. The only acceptable items are:

• Cash- you may drop off cash/money to apply to an inmate's commissary account. We do not accept checks or money orders of any kind. If the inmate has a negative balance on the account, then up to half the money dropped off will go toward the balance owed.

• Clothing- two pair of underwear in unopened packages with the store receipt.
Two white bras in unopened packages with the store receipt. Clothing must not contain wires, zippers or strings.

• Prescription Medications- must be in the original prescription bottle, with the inmates name on it, that is a valid prescription and can be verified.

• Photographs- nothing larger than 5 x 7 inches, no sexually explicit or illegal material, no Polaroids or laminated photos. Inmates may have three photos only in their possession. Photos can not be exchanged out until 30 days.

• Paperback books- the Jail has an assortment of books for inmates to read. Any books dropped off for an inmate become the property of the Jail. The inmate will get the opportunity to read the book first, then the book becomes a part of the jail library. Some exceptions are made for school text books but prior permission must be obtained.