Winnebago County Sheriff

Winnebago County Dispatch Center

Winnebago County Communications is a separate entity which handles county wide communications for police, fire and ambulance.

When to call 9-1-1

●Call 9-1-1 when you have a Police, Fire or Medical Emergency.

●When there is a situation that could, or does, pose a danger to life, property or both.

●There is suspicioius activity involving person(s) or vehicle(s) that appear to have criminal intent.

●When you need to report a serious crime which could lead to personal injury or death, domestic violence or sexual assault.

Please remain calm and patient while the dispatcher asks you questions. Dispatchers are trained to ask specific questions that determine what is wrong and what type of assistance is needed.

For more information on Winnebago Communications, including how to receive notifications and alerts: Winnebago County Communications