Winnebago County Sheriff

Bonding Information

The Iowa Supreme Court has established bonding requirements for individuals arrested by peace officers and brought to the Jail. There are a few complaints/charges that require an individual be held in jail, without bond, until seen by a Magistrate Judge.

No Bond

If an individual has been charged with an offense where "No Bond" has been set, they are not allowed to post any bond and will remain in jail until a Magistrate or District Court Judge sets a bond.

Cash or Surety Bond

If a Judge has set bond as "Cash or Surety", an inmate may post the total cash bond, or go through a bonding company to obtain the Surety. Bonding Companies are licensed businesses who will post bond for eligible individuals for a fee. Bonding company rules and procedures, as well as cost fees, will vary from company to company.

Cash Only Bond

"Cash Only" bonds require that an inmate post the total required bond in cash money.

"Cash Only in Defendant's Name" is a cash only required bond which must be posted in the defendant's name. This means that if the court obligations are met by the defendant, the bond money will be returned only to the defendant